Fundraising for The Environment Statuette


ART – The Conductor

Title: Uplifting Acrylic on canvas 60cm x 70cm DKK 6,000  

ART – The Queens of Trees welcoming you

Title: The Queens of Trees welcoming you Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 80cm DKK 8,000 Artist: Henriette Birk

ART Dog and boy dipping in ocean

When twilight sets in the ocean shines in new colors.

ART Mother and son by the Lønstrup coast

The ocean draws you in and refreshes the mind of all ages.

ART – Nature’s Dance One

Title: Nature’s Dance One Acrylic on canvas 80cm x 100cm DKK 5,000

ART – Mother and 2 Boys by Coast

Title: Mother and 2 Boys by Coast Acrylic on canvas 100×80 cm

ART – Morning Grooming

Title: Morning Grooming Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 100cm DKK 15,000

The Danish Entrepreneur Portrait

Title: The Danish Entrepreneur Portrait. Acrylic on canvas 30×30 cm

The Earths Mother No 1

Title: The Earths Mother No 1. Acrylic on canvas 70×60 cm

Horizon Family No 3.

Title: Horizon family no 3. Acrylic on canvas 100×80 cm


Symbolic impressionism

Life and natural creatures in a memorable moment.

Nature is what catches my eye. I combine it with memories of experiences with people. Inpiration comes from shapes, made by nature.
A scenery can change your life by imprenting images in your mind that moves you.

Scenery & Action

To make a painting on a canvas is my passion. I hope you support the good cause because when you invest in a painting I can work for good causes.

The majestic nature is something many people love. That is why is it a thrilling time to live in the years where the planet is in focus as well as the health of peoples’ minds. 

I hope that are can make a difference in your life and can carry on to move someone. If only one person is moved by my art, then it serves its purpose.


Action by the ocean. A time with your dog. No matter how exiting or trivial there is always a new sky to decorate the moment or a memorable creature on the planet.

Memorable paintings that don’t go out of style is my style.


Invest for the future

When you arrive at your destination, go shopping for groceries. Note: Be sure the hotel or resort provides a refrigerator and microwave or stove. Save your “dining out” money for a few really special evenings out. This will allow you to enjoy a few delicious meals instead of wasting dollars on fast food every day. One family-of-four meal at a fast food restaurant could cost $30 USD or more.

Reserve in Advance

The HBirk GALLERY GO lets you reserve the next painting.

HBirk art is represented by renown galleries and if you are interested in reserving a painting. Please contact us.

If you’re not bound by “art as usual”, take the opportunity to pre-order the HBirk Art.

Private collection AUCTION H. BIRK LEASING

AUCTION HBIRK LEASE is for companies and institutions that would like to decorate their room with HBirk paintings.

You can lease 3 paintings at a time. Take advantage of the AUCTION HBIRK LEASING. When paintings open up for sale you have the priority to invest in selected paintings before they are placed on auction.
Options for lease are:

3 month plan

  • Display 3 paintings for 3 months.

Year plan

  • Display 3 paintings for 3 months that changes every 3 months.






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